A Canadian economic mechanism that has fostered stability, quality and success for over 50 years. 

Canadian Supply Management – A Canadian Approach to Farming Dairy, Eggs and Poultry


Canada is celebrated around the world for its values of fairness, self-reliance, and cooperation. These values are deeply rooted in our history and closely connected to our geography, as vast distances and challenging environments long required Canadians, and especially Canadian farmers, to work together, plan carefully, and rely on each other and their communities. It is in keeping with these Canadian values  that the practice of Canadian Supply Management arose, and why it still exists today.


Canadian Supply Management is a cooperative, farmer-managed way of ensuring that there is always the right supply of certain perishable products available at a price that is fair and reliable (for consumers and farmers alike) and produced in a way Canadians can be proud of.


With Canadian Supply Management, our farmers work together to ensure that local dairy, egg and poultry production anticipates and meets consumer demand. For consumers, this means there are never shortages of these essential staples that can spark sudden price hikes in-store. It also means there are never gluts and massive, sustained price drops, which can put local family farms out of business and leave Canadian consumers potentially having to buy products of uncertain origin or produced in countries that have different farming practices, regulations and oversight.

The supply managed industry contribution to the
BC economy is sizeable:
GDP: $2,814 Million
Jobs: 31,579
Taxes: $666 Million

Canadian Supply Management is fundamentally a fairer, more collaborative, more Canadian approach to dairy, egg and poultry farming. It is also more sustainable approach than the government bailouts or taxpayer-funded subsidies used by countries with a more cutthroat, “race to the bottom” approach to the business of farming. It’s a homegrown, forward thinking, self-sufficient system that works brilliantly for fresh, perishable commodities grown locally for domestic consumption. And because of Supply Management, we avoid the “boom and bust” cycles that can devastate family farms and undermine rural communities which are such a part of Canadian society.

British Columbia’s supply managed sectors of dairy, egg and poultry industries, processors, egg graders and suppliers add $2.8 Billion to British Columbia’s GDP, provide 33,000 full time jobs and contribute $ 666 million in municipal, provincial and federal taxes. The dairy and poultry industries are two of the top farm sectors in BC and are major contributors to the provincial economy.

The orderly marketing of these products through supply management allows these industries to thrive and grow at levels meeting and/or exceeding provincial averages. Supply management provides stability to farmers, processors and consumers and contributes to the economic and social impact of local economies.

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