Supply Management in British Columbia:

Dairy, Poultry,

and Eggs.

At the processing level 

Processors are assured volumes of production at regulated prices spread throughout the year to accommodate consumer demand. 


At the consumer level 

Consumers receive a steady supply and stable prices of Canadian dairy, egg and poultry products. 

Consumers do not subsidize Canadian dairy, egg and poultry farmers through their taxes. 

Consumers can be assured that Canadian dairy, egg and poultry products meet industry requirements for animal care and food safety.

At the community level

Supply management generates jobs and spending in local communities because market stability better enables farmers to make investments to maximize efficiencies. 

Similarly, farmers in the supply managed sectors in BC are continuously making investments to maximize efficiencies and minimizing environmental impacts.


At the federal level

Governments do not have to subsidize Canadian dairy and poultry farmers.


At the international level

Trading partners can continue to trade with Canada because supply management allows for imports. Canada imports 6% of the market for dairy products and more than 7.5% for chicken duty free.


BC Dairy, Egg and Poultry Industries (BCDEPI) is a partnership formed on behalf of British Columbia’s five supply-managed industries. In BC, cow’s milk, broiler hatching eggs, broiler chicken (chickens raised for meat), turkey, and table eggs (eggs produced for consumption), are regulated both provincially and federally under a system of supply management. 

What is supply management? 

Governments often use regulated marketing to help farmers match supply and demand and ensure farmers receive a fair price. The government of British Columbia regulates the production and marketing of cow’s milk, broiler hatching eggs, broiler chicken, turkey and eggs using a system of supply management. Using import controls, farm price controls and production controls, supply management stabilizes the market of these products for farmers, processors and consumers.


At the production level 

Farmers receive a fair market price to assist with business planning, cash flow and capital investments. 

Marketing boards enforce standards in areas such as food safety and animal care using their regulatory authority. 

Because production is paired as closely as possible to market demand production is not wasted. 



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